March 25, 2023
Washi tape triangle wall art

Washi Tape for Decorative Wall Art! DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Art Lovers

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Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi Tape is a kind of product that can be used for all types of DIY Art projects such as for making DIY floral designs, embellishing dairies, journals, scrapbooks, and for doing DIY wall art in different patterns, designs and geometrical designs.

Five Reasons why you use Washi Tape for Art

There are so many reasons why you should use washi tape for your creative wall art or any DIY project that can be done at home

Easily available: There are so many patterns, colors, and designs available in washi tape. This tape is a cheap over the counter art supplies which come in different assortive decorative rolls.

Prints and Patterns: Apart from the plain patterns there are some classy decorative washi tape designs you can use for any type of DIY art and craft projects. Some common designs are palm leaves patterns, geometric patterns, plants, botanical leaves, cactus, flower variations within the pattern, stripes, checkered, chess, emerald green variations, pastel pinks and pastel light patterns and shapes.
High Quality Japanese Washi Paper: If you need to use washi tape for your wall art, DIY decor and DIY dairy or scrapbook decor, you should opt for high quality Japanese washi paper that is fully adhesive with the wall paint, and other craft related project.
Adhesive decorative washi tape will always stick and unstick with much effort and when you unstick the tape it will not leave any sticky, glue type residue behind.
Versatile Craft Ideas: When you buy washi tape for decorating picture frames, wedding planner, scrapbook, computer cords, your school/college stationary and fashion illustrations, you just come up with more DIY craft ideas when you start using the tape. You can do a lot of things with this adhesive tape. For example:
You can make scrapbook covers, decorate your personal dairy pages and make your poem very artistic by using botanical washi tape on the paper or any pattern that goes well with your script.
You can decorate your office and school desk accessories.
You can decorate bullet journals with washi tape.
You can make Birthday, Anniversary, farewell, and get well soon (any wish) cards for your friends, family members and love ones with the decorative washi tape.

Washi Tape for DIY Home Decor

Not to mention that it is really fun to use this adhesive tape on the walls for making different sorts of wall art and wall decorations. DIY wall patterns can be created within minutes, all you need to do is come up with your own ideas. Here are some DIY washi tape projects you can do for your home.

1.Embellish your bedroom, living room and kitchen walls by using vintage, geometric and floral print washi tape designs. You can create different types of art without spending full time.
2.Cover the wooden picture frames and decorate them with your pictures, pictures of your parents/loved ones and pet.
3.Make greeting cards and decorate them on your nightstand. You can also make motivational quite cards for your room with the washi tape.
4.Decorative washi tape can also be used for decorating planter boxes, planter containers and wooden racks that you are used for displaying or showcasing your indoor herb and plant garden.
5.Washi tape can be used for covering the white switches and adding colors to the room.

Washi Tape Canvas Wall Decor

You need black colored tape and a white canvas. You can use colored canvas as well in case you want to use any colored pattern washi paper tape.

Washi tape art ideas

Washi tape geometric design on the wall
Yellow bathroom wall decor done with the white canvas, the geometric design is made with the black colored washi paper tape

Polar Bear Wall Art DIY

You can make animals, fairies, dragonflies, monkeys, Disney characters and about anything by using washi paper tape on the walls. All you need to know is how to learn the basic animal figure. You can draw a rough sketch with the HB pencil first and apply washi later on once you are sure your sketch is perfect.

Washi tape animal wall decor
DIY Polar Bear wall art

Washi tape animal art on wall diy wall decor

Polar bear art on the wall in the baby nursery

Washi Tape Architecture, Skylight, Building and Windows

You can make landscapes, buildings, and architectural structure over the walls with the washi tape. You need not be expert in drawing for making some basic wall sketches for creating simple wall art yourself.

Washi tape windows diy wall decor

Decorative Wooden Photo Frames

You can wrap up the old or new photo frames and decorate them on the walls. This is it, when you are done you will have an incredibly well decorated art with different patterns of decorative wooden frames. Hang your pictures or your pet or family photos to make them more beautiful.

Washi tape decorative picture frames wooden photo frames diy washi tape wall art

City Map, Museum or Skylight Buildings of a City

Washi tape wall art cityscape skylights behind bed headboard

Colorful Mosaic tile wall art

Decorative wall art washi tape diy wall decor with washi tape

Diy wall art decorative washi tape for wall art

Washi tape brick wall art diy wall art with washi tape

Triangles and Geometric wall design with washi tape

Diy washi tape wall decor triangle pattern on the walls

Washi tape triangle wall art

DIY black crosses on the walls behind Teepee

Decorative wall art with washi tape diy washi tape wall decor idea

Creative washi tape wall art idea washi tape wall patterns

Washi tape wall art behind indoor teepee

DIY Glitter Geometric wall art

Washi tape hexagonal wall art with glitter

Washi art hexagonal glitter wall art




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