March 25, 2023
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12+ Repurposing Wood Drawers for Making Furniture! DIY Furniture Plans

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Once my mother told me that old wooden furniture has more quality than the modern ones and I did not understand why until my husband turned an old, unused cherry wood desk into a great hanging kitchen wall rack.

You should never underestimate the quality and worth of unused furniture items, even if they have been lying around in the basement for years. Old piece of wood can always be turned into something useful for indoor and outdoor decoration. It is simply for the reason that wood is a very usable material, if it not infested you can use it for centuries and pass it to the next generations.

Vintage Furniture Accessories

You might have heard of shabby chic desk, closets and dressers. They are more valuable than wooden nightstands we buy from the branded furniture outlets. The pieces of vintage furniture is tweaked, repainted and restyled so they could be useful once again. They may have a distressed appearance but they still work the best and they have unique wooden patterns.

Let’s talk about old drawers, it does not matter which wood was used for making them. It could be cherry wood, cypress, bamboo, teak, oak and walnut or any other that was in use in old times. A set of three drawers can be transformed into a great art; doll house, outdoor wooden planter containers, storage shelves for living room and kitchen. Never throw the drawers no matter how worn out they are, because they can be used for a good DIY Furniture project.


DIY Ladder Shelf Storage Organizer

You would need old wooden drawers and an old or new ladder, if you do not have one available you can buy one from Homedepot for your DIY furniture project.

Learn how to turn drawers into DIY ladder storage organizer by doing some basic wood working. This organizer is not painted, you can paint yours in vibrant color for making it exciting for indoor or outdoor decoration.

DIY Drawer Ladder Shelf Organizer.

Do It Yourself Upcycled Closet Chest

This beautiful DIY wooden side table chest is constructed by upcycling and painting old drawers. You can increase tiers on this storage closet by using more pieces of drawers. You would not need a different DIY furniture plan for doing this, instead use the same guide, just add extra drawers for adding to the height of the closet.

DIY Upcycled Drawer Side Tables.

DIY Cat Furniture Condo

It is amazing what you can do with old drawers, this is one of the most incredible DIY pet furniture idea I have ever stumbled upon. This DIY cat condo is constructed by using multiple pieces of unused drawers, it is connected for making a jumping bed condo. Your cat would love this furniture item because it is beautiful, it can be placed in cat’s playhouse as well near the cat house or bed. For making this condo even more comfortable, some cushions have been placed so cat can take when tired of playing and needing some rest.

DIY Old Drawer Cat Climbing Bed Condo.

Do It Yourself Salvaged Drawer Bookcase

This just easy to understand how old drawers were taken out, refurbished, and painted in white colors for making bookcase cabinets for library and living room. You can put some knobs for making a complete adjustable storage system within a shelving unit but it might take some effort and time. Learn more about this DIY Drawer wooden bookcase shelving unit plan.

Salvaged Drawers Modular Bookcase.

Homemade Wooden Doll House

Some pieces of older drawers are repainted and tweaked for making a decorative Mininature wooden house for dolls that can be given a gift to baby girl. You need some vintage and retro print wallpaper appliques or stickers that are self-adhesive so they can be applied over the inner side of the house. Check step by step instructions on DIY decorative dollhouse.

DIY Old Drawer Doll House.

DIY Upcycle Dresser Storage Box

You can turn old drawers into DIY storage box for nursery, living room and bedroom. The box can be used for storing toys, books, towels and home accessories.The wrapping papers are used for lining up the inside parts of the drawers for adding decorative aesthetic. This DIY dresser box is painted in matte finish Polycrylic paint, you can choose paint of your choice. The matte looks great on her though. When you get to see this items you realize how wonderful it is to recycle old furniture and use it again in the modern decor.

DIY Repurposed Drawer Storage Box.

Homemade Wall Mounted Wooden Shelf

These DIY Repurposed Dresser shelves are pretty easy to make, they have named them as shades of gray. The exterior is darker, so tone it down gray color is used on the inside surfaces, which makes a lot of sense. This wall mounted shelf can be used for displaying paintings, decorating family pictures frames and decorative centerpieces. This is one of my favorite DIY furniture plan as well because this is something you can do with ease for repurposing old dresser drawers.

DIY Old Drawer Shelf.

Do It Yourself Bathroom Storage Shelf Unit

Bathroom furniture is very costly these days, especially those shelving units that come with multiple storage cabinets inside. Good thing is you can repurpose old drawers and convert them in a great bathroom shelf. Paint the shelf according to the colors of the walls of the bathroom interior. This DIY wooden shelf would provide good storage options for kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

DIY Dresser Drawer Bathroom Shelf.

DIY Recycled Sandwich Station

You would need some plywood, wooden dowels, drill machine and couple other tools. Some curtain rods are painted as well, you would need to fit them inside this DIY drawer sandwich station, you can store napkins, ziploc bags and papers in this drawer shelf. This tutorial provides an excellent idea how easily furniture can be refurbished at home without spending much money.

DIY Recycled Drawer Sadwich Station.

Repurposed Dresser Drawer Storage

This is a fun DIY woodworking project you would love to do. However it is little time consuming to do. The plan includes turning a four tiered dresser chest into functional under bed storage organizers. The top of the boxes are painted with spray and heart pattern graffiti papers are applied on the inner side of the drawers. To attach casters some holes are needed to drilled. You can place these storage drawers under the bed for storing toys, bedsheets, linens, and other decorative accessories. They can also be used as counter bookcase shelves.

Under The Bed Storage.

DIY Wooden Storage Ottoman

I visited Diary of Craft Queen the other day and found it interesting how they turned a drawer that they found on the side of the road into a great ottoman seating. This seating has more of the accent upholstery, it can be placed near the bench in bedroom. It can be placed next to the coffee table in the living room, you would definitely find a good place for this DIY drawer ottoman. They attached a fabric pattern over the board just like traditional style upholstery. You may choose a pattern that would suit the interior of the room. You would never be tired of refurbished furniture ideas because you know you are putting your time into something making something productive.

DIY Old Drawer Ottoman.

Easy DIY Sublime Drink Station

Old wooden drawers are recycled, rearranged, connected and repainted for making a great DIY drink station that can be placed in any room. Two chains have been added to this DIY kitchen closet so you can fold the doors when needed to save the space. This would provide an excellent storage solution for books, centerpieces and accessories. However, you can use it for storing glass dinnerware and wine glasses. The table can be folded down only when you need to make and service the juice. With chains it can be folded back to closing the unit.

DIY Dresser Drawer Drink Station.

DIY Counter Bookcase Storage

If you need a mini-sized bookcase storage cabinets for your books, journals and dairies, this one would fit your needs. This bookcase cabinet can be placed on the nightstand, over the counter in the bedroom or in the entertainment room where guests come, you can fill it with magazines. Learn how to make DIY Upcycle drawer bookcase, it would be fun to make one for your home.

DIY Old Drawer Mini Bookcase.

DIY Wooden Dog Bed

I love almost all the ideas on DIY furniture plans because they allow you to use your time productively into making something that is usable indoor and outdoor. If you need a very durable cat and dog bed, you should definitely make one, learn DIY drawer dog bed, this plan illustrated how to make your pet bed comfortable by adding comfort. Painting the bed would amplify the aesthetic.

DIY Dresser Drawer PET BED.

DIY Free Standing Bookcase Shelf

This DIY bookcase shelf plan is so easy to make. You can make multitiered free standing storage unit for books, magazines, journals and cards by repurposing and painting old drawers. You can increase the number of bookcase racks by using more drawers or you can buy pallet board for including additional shelves on this unit.

DIY Repurposed Drawers Bookcase.


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