March 20, 2023
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Useful Pantry Organization Ideas with Racks Drawers Stackable Organizers

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If you are looking for easy pantry organization ideas and hacks, you should use multi-functional storage units, cabinets and racks. They provide excellent hiding spots for all the kitchen spices, mason jars, cereal boxes and pantry accessories that you cannot place on kitchen countertops.

Pantry Storage Ideas

In order to keep your kitchen and pantry well organized, you should invest some money on buying some items. They would help stack your spices, herbs, pans, food, chips bags and cereal in a right order, in your desired way. You also need to consider expanding the pantry storage space, it would help you de clutter kitchen counters. Let’s check out what are the best and cost-effective pantry storage organizers which you could use.

Plastic Storage Bins

You might need a lot of plastic storage bins with air-tight lids. They are quite handy for storing items like yogurt, juices, drinks, packet foods and canned goods. They help maximize your pantry storage space. You can plce them in the cabinets, cupboards and in the drawers inside kitchen island.


Turnable Storage food bins

These bins are usually round and square in sizes, often comes without lids. They can be two to five tiers, provide excellent storage space for essential oils, wine bottles, liquid items that you would need daily for cooking. These bins are also known as revolving pantry storage carousel because they can rotate 360°. The material used for their designs is often high quality shatter-resistant plastic which makes these storage bins a great accessory. They should be placed in deep kitchen cabinets or in the corner shelves.

Stackable Can Food Wooden/Metal Organizer

These pantry storage racks are really important because they can store a lot of items in one place. If you use a lot of can food, you may stack all the cans, align them on the pantry organizer according to their size to feel organized. These organizer may have two or three tiers and they are built with sturdy material like wood and metal. They can be placed behind the door pantry storage cabinets with easy.

Foldable Storage Bin Cubes

Wicker baskets and bin cubes provide ample storage space. Good part of using these pantry storage bins is that they go well with the kitchen interior. They are kind of bags in which you can store big packets, food, cereal boxes, grains, and accessories of routine life. Storage cubes are really light weight, you need to unfold them when you are to store food inside the kitchen and unfold them to store them away for future when they are no longer needed.

Food Storage Basket Bins

They are so much functional, made with wood, wire meshed or metal, these basket bins are the best storage solution for large and small sized pantry room or kitchen.  You can store all sorts of foods in them and place them away.

Pull Out Cabinet Basket Organizers

These pantry storage baskets are my favorite, they are either two or three tired racks. They offer good space for storing food, cans, bottles, spices, and grains.They can be placed inside kitchen island cabinets, you would never to have to take out these baskets from the cabinets, just pull out the rack and take what you need for cooking.

Sliding cabinet drawers and baskets are a great way to keep your pantry organized. They do not make mess by taking space in the kitchen and pantry.

Vertical Bottle Holder

This storage holder stand comes with multiple racks and sections, you can organize and align water/wine bottles on this and keep it over the kitchen counter.

Multi-sized Pantry Containers

Multi-sized plastic containers are useful for storage of items that cannot be kept on the kitchen counter such as beans, pasta, spaghetti, coffee, tea, rice and sugar. You need different sized of containers with sealed lids for storing these daily kitchen essentials. Do not store flour, pasta and other food with their packets, they will take space. Loose their bags and packets, use Jars, containers and storage boxes for pantry organization.

DIY Pantry Storage Organization

I love DIY storage ideas because they allow you to make something productive out of scrap. You can make pretty much everything by using items that you no longer need.

Here are some effective DIY food storage ideas for pantry organization and management.

Paper Towel Storage on Bungee Cord on Pantry Wall

pantry wall paper towels storage

Wire Meshed Storage Cabinet Racks

Under Shelf Basket Wrap Rack


Recycle Shoe Organizer for Food Storage

pantry storage with shoe organizer

Clothes Pin for Chip bags Storage In freezer

binder clips hanging from freezer shelves

Spice/herb Storage on Wall Mounted Spice Rack with Holders

Mount spice racks on a cabinet door

Wall Hanging Aluminum Pantry Storage Bins

Sourcealuminum bins hung on a pantry wall

Repurpose Clothes hanger Hooks for Chips Packet Storage

Hanging Chip Bags Use Clothes Hangers

DIY Hanging Spice Rack in Pantry Cabinet

spice organizer hangs from you cabinet shelf

Wall Mounted Wicker, Rattan, and Wooden Food Storage Baskets

woven baskets on the old shutter to get hanging pantry storage

DIY wooden stick racks with Hooks for Snack Bags

DIY Pantry chip rack made with curtain clips

Learn to make Chips Rack

DIY metal rod with hangers for Snack Bags Storage

Combine hooks with binder clips to create extra hanging storage

Pegboard Stainless Steel Pan Stand

Utilize the pegboard to organize your pans

DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

Repurpose Shower Caddy for Pantry Storage

Reuse a shower caddy for pantry hanging storage

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