March 23, 2023

Multi functional Furniture. Useful Furniture Pieces to Include in Home Decor

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Multi-functional or dual purpose furniture is very famous these days. There are so many pieces of furniture accessories which could serve two purposes at the same time. For example, infamous sofa bed can work like a sofa and bed for guests and children as well. You must buy these accessories when you have a small spaced apartment or home shared by many family members.

Wall Bed

Wall beds are another example of mulifunctional furniture for home; they can be used as sleeping bed at night and can be put back within the wall. They would never take the space until they are unfolded. You unfold wall bed only when you need to rest.

I did write one post on convertible sofa bed, You should see how sofas can be turned into nice sleeping space for accommodating a guest or friend during sleepovers.

Convertible Table Desks

These tables are very much easy to hide within the walls. There are so many designs available in them that you can integrate in your home.

Storage Floor Lamp Shelf

I like this lamp so very much, it has lighting on the top section and three or four tired storage shelves for storing books and displaying artworks underneath. It can be used as a nightstand or bed-side end table. The furniture is contemporary you can use it as bookcase stand as well. source

Multifunctional furnuture floor lamp shelving

Convertible Accent Chair Bed

The design is sleek, made of futon; when you use it as chair it takes very less space. It can be placed as accent chair in living room to be used a bed set later at night.  It offers firm seating as a chair and nice sleeping surface when converted into a bed  source

Multifunctional furniture convertible accent chair bed Multifunctional chair bed for room

Portable Laptop Desk Tray

For people who do not want to sit in front of computer for hours, using their laptops and macbook can greatly benefit from portable desktop tray. It comes in several designs made of wood and plastic. I love the ones that are made with bamboo wood. They have supportive legs to support the laptop stand as well. You can use it as you use computer on your bed. source

Convertible table desk tray for laptop computers Convertible laptop table multifunctional table

Coffee Table with Functional Elements

I am so amazed to see how designers are putting hard work into making multifunctional furniture for homes. You would be stunned to see a coffee table which features a side table/chest drawers and a beautiful accent chair. It is suitable for small sized living room where you do not have space to place large sized sectionals or additional accent chairs. This multi-purpose, space saving coffee table would be a good addition to your home. source

Coffee table features accent chair and another small coffee table with drawer

Multi functional Bathroom Storage Box

For your small bathroom you can definitely buy a muli-purpose storage box, it features racks for storing medication, cleaning supplies and bathroom accessories. It has a floor length mirror which would add glamor to the interior, when you open the mirror you see nine very deep multi-purpose storage shelves inside the box. This is really good piece of bathroom wall cabinets you must have. source

Bathroom box shelf storage Hidden storage racks inside box multifunctional bathroom cabinets

Natural Veneered Laptop Table

This is another space saving table made of natural plywood for offering storage solution for those who use laptop in daily life and are in dire need of comfortable space saving portable table. The design is minimalist and unique, it can be used anywhere. source

Convertible bookcase laptop tray table

Extendable Dining Room

Bulky dining room and kitchen tables tend to take a lot of space in room.For small rooms you can space a lot of space by using retractable table is another on my list of multifunctional furniture.

The extendable multi-purpose table can be used for eating family meals, used as a laptop or desktop desk; it is also suitable for uninterrupted reading and writing experience. You can use it for for almost anything. It features a great wall mirror which would add a great decoration element to the space. You can take the table out when needed and then hang it on the wall when it is no longer in use.

Extenable wall hidden convertible dinning room table or reading table


Multipurpose Side Table

The designs of some coffee tables is so innovative that you would feel like buying them very instant you see them.  Now check this multipurpose and multifunctional end table. This piece of furniture can be used as a magazine stand or rack, as a perch or tray for laptop and computer and as a coffee or side end table. You can integrate it in your library room as a bookcase and magazine storage stand as well. Is it not creative and innovative? Yes, it surely is. Also notice that how unique the design of this multifunctional furniture is.

Convertible cofee table book case multifunctional furniture

Convertible side end coffee table

Functional Plywood Armrest Table and Tray

With all of family members and guests using and needing cell phones 24/7, it is important for the designers to create innovative and functional furniture accessories for living room and dining room. Of many that I admire the most one is Plywood armrest table, it has several multi functional elements to offer. It is a simple plywood armrest table for sectional and couches of living room, however, it can be converted into a wooden serving tray by folding up the table. The tray is spacious enough to accommodate a drink or two, or one dish with one cup and a plate full of snacks. On the side of the armrest table are two slots which are very much usable as phone stand.source

Multifunctional sofa arm phone stand table

Multifunctional Drop-Leaf Console Table

When dining rooms are small and there is no space for placement of big tables with six or eight seats. The ideal way to make the room functional by integrating innovative space saving furniture. You would really admire this drop leaf style convertible table. The design is simple; it features very rustic, weathered paint color to add elegance to the room interior.

This drop leaf console table is the best of all multi-functional furniture pieces you have ever seen in life. It is easy to use this piece; you need to fold down the table, it extends, offers seating for six family members or people. When you you fold it down, it converts into a storage shelf that tucked nicely against the wall of the room.

You can use this space saving console table in the dining room or for display art, craft and centerpieces in any part of your home. source

Convertible console coffee table Convertible drop leaf table multifunctional furniture


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