June 9, 2023
DIY Macramé Plant Hanger for Beginners

DIY Macrame Hanger and Craftworks for Decor Lovers

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 Simple DIY Macramé Hanger Plant

Simple DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

Simple DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

  1. To make this DIY Macrame hanger design you will need natural cotton, Macramé cord, gold metal ring, pot and scissors.
  2. First if all move your plant into a new pot.
  3. The next step is to cut the cords to make a hanger.
  4. To make a hanger the pieces of the cord should be 10 feet (ca. 3 m) long each.
  5. Cut eight long strands, and loop them around the gold hoop and fold each cord over the hoop at a mid point, so, you will have 16 long pieces of cord now.
  6. Now secure the cords by using a wrapped knot.
  7. Next step is to make row of square knots.
  8. The first step is to divide the 16 long strands into four groups. Make 2 square knots over each of the four groups.
  9. Next step is to make another row of square knots below the first row.
  10. You will make new groups of four strands, and these will be adjacent to each other.
  11. Next tie these two square knots.
  12. Now to finish this project tie all the cords together with a final knot.
  13. Always measure the distance with measuring tape to make sure how far you want your final knot to be from the second row of knots.
  14. Insert the planter and hang.
  15. https://persialou.com/simple-diy-macrame-plant-hanger/

 DIY Macramé Plant Hanger with a gold stand

Macramé Plant Hanger with a gold stand

To make DIY Macrame hanger this you will need vintage plant stand, sandpaper, metallic gold spray paint, scissors, tape, and ruler, three cords that are three times as long as you want your plant hanger, three cords ten times longer and one short cord. First determine the length of cords.

The first step in making this is to knot a loop from which you will hang your plant hanger. Now braid a Macramé stand and, to do this you will have to separate out four of 12 cords.

Make sure you take two long and two short cords. You will use these four cords to make first braid.

Now divide these cords into such a way that one long cord is on far left side, the two small cords are in middle and the other long cord is on right side.

Now take the left cord and make a C shape over the middle cords and then take the right cord, and cross it over the left cord you just brought over and make a loop of C formation you have made.

Repeat these steps until you reach the end of braid. After, you have braided all four groups of cord.

Finally, tie all the braids together with a final knot and it’s done. Your DIY macrame is ready.


  Polyester Rope DIY  Macrame Hanger

Polyester Rope DIY Plant Hanger

To make this DIY Macrame plant Hanger you will need Polyester rope, colors of thinner, screw hook, carabiner.

The first step is to cut the rope into four sections that are 25 inch (0.64 m) each. Now you will thread each section through the carabiner. You have to do it in such a way to create eight strands of rope.

Now wrap a colorful piece of rope around all eight strands.

Repeat this step with few colors of thin rope creating a fun stripe pattern around the strands.

Now make four groups of eight strands and tie each group of two into a knot. All the knots should be at the same distance. Now knot together the adjacent pieces of rope.

Now gather the eight strands and tie a piece of colorful rope around the strands in such a way to create stripes.

Now make few stripes of different colored ropes.

Insert the pot and hang.

Your Macrame Hanger is ready


  Easy beaded Macramé Hanger for Plants

Easy beaded Macramé Plant Hanger

To make this you will need an air plant, thread, beads, glass holder, foam, scissors. You will start your project by cutting eight strands of 36 inches (0.91 m) long.

Now at nine inches tie them together from one end. Now at one inch knot two strings together.

Continue to knot strings evenly.

Repeat this step all way around for the other knots too.

The next step is to split the strings.

Now add you beads to the end of strings.

Add a large natural bead to strings on end.

Now make a knot to tie off the top ends.


 DIY Macramé Plant Hanger for Beginners

DIY Macramé Plant Hanger for Beginners

To make this DIY Macrame Plant hanger you will need a thick hemp cord, pot, beads, scissors, tape and a large ring.

First decide the location of your planter.

First step is to cut four pieces of cord that is six feet long.

Now measure the size of your pot.

Now fold the four pieces of cord and place inside the ring to form a knot.

Make sure that the knot is tight as your planter is going to hang from this ring.

Now make four groups of these eight cords and tread beads onto them and, place where the top of pot will come.

Tie a knot at the bottom. Now make the knots of cords that are adjacent to each other.

You have to repeat this step again and again until all four groups are attached together forming a diamond shape.

The last step is to hold all eight strands together and tie a knot at the bottom.

Place your pot inside it and enjoy.

Your DIY macrame hanger is ready.


 Macramé Plant Hanger in Mason jar

Macramé plant hanger in mason jar

To make this DIY Macrame Hanger you will need Mason jar scissors, masking tape, candle, cold water, plant and chain.

The first step is to cut five pieces of twine that are six feet in length.

Next you have to tie a knot in the middle so that it will form a loop at top for hanging it.

Now about four inches from the big knot tie pair of strings together to form five knots.

In the next step, you will have to make a cylindrical shape hanger by joining the outer edges.

Continue doing this and make a final knot by joining all the strands.

Finally, insert chain in the top loop and hang the planter.


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