December 9, 2022
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25+ Easy To Grow Indoor Plants! Low Maintenance Houseplants Ideas

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If gardening has been your passion for years, you can do it as a hobby in your garden, backyard, balcony, and patio. They say is that we all human belongs to nature; growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in garden would allow us to stay connected with it. We belong with nature and we must try to keep ourselves close to it in whatever possible possible.

Growing Plants and Fruits on your Own

When you have a garden in your home, you can grow healthy fruits and use them for making squash, drinks, salads and fruit smoothies. It is always good to go for organic fruits. Besides when you grow your own they have more nutrients compared to the ones sold on the market. Likewise, growing plants in your home is a good idea, they keep air clean and healthy.
You do not need to have a big landscape outdoor or a big balcony or terrace, if gardening is what you love the most, you may just plant some herbs, shrubs, fruits and flowers right in the small sized pots. They would survive and thrive if you take good care of them.
There are many different types of plants which you can grow indoor and outdoor. By indoor we mean the ones that can adapt to planter pot, container, and boxes for displaying onto Kitchen window sill, walls and living room. When you grow plants indoor, you need to make sure to find the right spot for them because they need enough sunlight for making Chlorophyll in order to stay green and healthy.
Chlorophyll for plants is important just like oxygen is for us. There are million of indoor plants you can grow indoor, I am sharing a brief list down below.

Easy to Grow Indoor Plants Low Maintenance

  1. Basil
  2. Aloe Versa
  3. Slipper Orchid
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Azalea
  6. Areca Palm
  7. English Ivy
  8. Cactus
  9. Anthurium
  10. Asparagus Fern
  11. Peace Lily
  12. Peperomia
  13. Snake Plant
  14. Bromeliads
  15. Dumb Cane
  16. Jade Plant
  17. Lucky Bamboo
  18. Pothos
  19. ZZ Plant
  20. Chinese Money Plant
  21. Chinese Ever Green
  22. Spider Plant
  23. Prayer Plant
  24. Rabbit’s ear
  25. Philodendron
  26. Umbrella Tree
  27. Kalanchoe
  28. African Violet
  29. Monstera
  30. Sansevieria
  31. Ponytail Palm


Growing Low Maintenance Houseplants Indoor

Low Maintenance house plants can be grown indoor, they would add lushness and beauty without your having to do much effort on anything. All you need to do is water them in order to keep them healthy and keep them close to the area where they can receive all the sunlight they need for growing easily.

Succulent Plant

Succulent is one of the most famous and easiest indoor house plants that does not require much care from your part. There are several types of succulent planters you can start to grow in your indoor garden. These plants need little water and occasional pruning, others may require a bit of light in order to grow. You can manage to grow succulent without any struggle in your kitchen, living and near bedroom if there is one window for sunlight passage.
Succulent plants also make for good gifts, you can grow a some aloe vera in a mini planter pot and give it to your friends as a gift.
  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Flaming Katy
  3. Crown of Thorns
  4. Snake Plant
  5. Common Glasswort
  6. Sweetheart Hoya
  7. Agave Azul
  8. Panda Plant
  9. Woolly Senecio
  10. Roseum
  11. Pincushion Cactus
  12. White Velvet
  13. Burro’s Tail
  14. Black Prince
  15. Hens and Chicks
  16. Chalks Liveforever
  17. Pincushion Cactus
  18. Sticks On Fire
  19. Butterwort
  20. Silver Shamrock
  21. Pincushion Peperomia
  22. Variegated Egg Plant bush
  23. Zebra Plant
  24. Barrel Cactus
  25. Jade
  26. Dolphin Succulents

These are some of the most famous balcony succulents or bedroom succulent houseplants that you can grow in your home. There are thousands of more but the ones I have mentioned above the most common low-maintenance ones.

Indoor Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachia is another easy to grow indoor Tropical house plant. It does not need a lot of sun light to grow.  It starts growing slowly even when you put it in the kitchen or bedroom in indirect sunlight areas. It is also known as Dumb cane, you can plant it in a small pot and vase, just use well-draining oil. Water the plant more often than you can to keep the soil moist. Make sure not to over spray the water because it will make soil very soggy.

Schefflera Houseplant

This is one of the most famous indoor plant you can grow anywhere in your home. The only problem with Schefflera plant is that it may grow a little tall, thus it needs some space to grow well. It is very important to water this plant moderately for maintaining its health.

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