June 9, 2023
Garden fence decor recycling window frames for hanging planters

Unique Garden and Patio Fence Decoration Ideas for Improvising Outdoor Aesthetics

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Decorating your garden fence is so important because when anybody visits your home they enter through your garden, patio or lawn. It does not take million of dollars to decorating your garden fencing panels, sometimes all it takes is just some string lighting, solar panel lighting or grass lighting to make your garden stand out during the night time.

Decorating Garden Fences

There are some more creative ways for decorating your garden, just for improvising outdoor aesthetic and adding beauty to your exteriors. Here we go with creative fence decoration ideas.

Upcycle Old Wooden Frames

If you have unused frames lying elsewhere in your garage or basement you can recycle those for displaying your hanging succulent planters over the garden fences.

Metal Hook for Display Mason Jar

Just install one metal hook and hang a painted, candle tea light mason jar over it. You can repurposed an old mason jar and turn it into an outdoor lamp or you can buy a painted jar from Etsy or Ebay for making a nice outdoor hanging lamp for your garden and patio.

Floral Decorations for Outdoors

Paper flowers and ribbons can be used for adding colors to the garden fences. If you already have some art material you could use it for making flowers, lily, caca lilies and leaves, in big sizes, for decorating your wooden or aluminum garden fences.

Mount an unused Wooden Window

If you have an old wooden rack, an old wooden frame or window, you can mount it over the garden fence and use planter vases or containers to add colors on the both side of the frame, window or rack.

String Lights and Globe lights

To give a fairy makeover to your garden or lawn, the most simplest outdoor decoration you can do is by hanging some string lights, led lights, multi colored solar lights or globe lights.

Creative Outdoor Bird Houses

You can build a bird house yourself or buy one from the market and mount it over the garden fence.

Hang Colorful Mason Jars

You can hang colorful mason jars outdoor, tea light or colorful electric candles over the fence for adding some colors to the rustic wooden fences.

Use Glass Gems for Decoration

If your garden fence is old and worn out, you can decorate it with glass gems, and can even use those gems for filling into the holes.

Painted Plant Holding Crates

You can repurpose wooden crates and mount them over the fencing panels individually and then put colorful plant pots and boxes inside them for creating a colorful vibe in your lawn.

Sculptures and Statues

Concrete, stone, and marble statues/sculptures could be a great ideas for decorating your garden. Some statues come with bamboo waterfall fountain just in case you want to add water features too.

If you love angels and dragons, you can buy pretty dragon statues and mount sculptures fairies and angels with wings from the market if you love mythical creatures.

Recycled Glass Bottle Decor

Some people used old glass and wine bottles and stack them up over the garden fence for decorative purposes. You can upcycle almost anything that you no longer use such as old wine bottles, mason jar and even those oil bottles that are lying the basement for years.

Wall Planters Fence Decor

If you are confused as what to do for decorating your outdoor wooden fences in the most simplest and cheapest way. Your best option is using pots and planters, just buy some small sized planter pots and hang them over the garden fence, they will add beauty to the exterior of home.

Overflowing Framed succulent planter frames

You can use wooden frames for growing and display herbs, planters and some greens on your garden fence.

Flower from car hubcaps

You can repurpose an old bicycle and display in your garden with flowers. You can use car hubcaps and cut them for making flowers of any shape and any kind. Be creative, there is a lot you can do for decorating your outdoor fencing panels, you just need to come up with a way to use your art for making something, anything that can substantially help in outdoor decoration.

Outdoor Herb Garden

If you love gardening, you can grow some herbs outside. Recycle an old wooden rack and mount it on your garden fence. Now use it for either display your pots or for growing herbs of your choice.

Flowers in Wooden Boxes

You can use shelve and racks, turn them into wall boxes and grow colorful flowers inside them. Or just display some carnations of any color inside these boxes for decorative purposes.

Tiny Sized Bird House on Fence

Small sized or miniature bird houses look cute when they are mounted on wooden fences and are surrounded by a some vines and flowers.

Signs and Symbols

You can hang butterflies, birds, dragonfly, fairies, angels, and any religious statue over the fence. You can also hang some animal totems just in case you believe in them.

Shelves and Old frames

Use anything that is old or wood on your garden fence such as wooden frames, wooden shelves and racks.

Mirrors on the Fence

If you have some spared mirrors that you no longer anywhere inside the home. Mount those mirror on your garden fence for decoration.

Handcut Flowers and wreaths

Hand made wreaths and hand cut flowers make for the best garden art and decoration. You can cut and paint flowers, you can use washi tapes for making horizontal or vertical designs over the wooden fence or you can simply make a colorful wreath for your garden decor.

Half Planters inside the frame

It is all about creativity, you can cut planter pots or container in half (vinyl or plastic) and mount them in the center of the frames for creating a nice hanging garden on your garden fence.

Stacked Boxes on the Fence

You can collect window boxes and stack them up over the fence for creating a colorful garden right over your garden fence. It would create a nice and colorful outdoor decoration.

Display Flower Bicycle

You can display flowers on an old bicycle, on an old car tyre or anything that you believe can be used for garden decoration.

Garden Planter Boxes with Herb Names

There are many types of wooden planter boxes being sold on Etsy with the name of the herbs, flowers and leaves. If you do gardening, you can use these boxes for separating your herbs from each other by giving them a proper name over the wooden.

Wire Frame with Terra Cot Pots

For managing and display a big number of planters and pots, you can simply use a wire frame and put your puts in order to keep it all well-organized in your garden.

Wooden Cut Out Panels

You can hire an artist for getting your wooden fencing panels cut, painted and stains. Great 3d Designs do exists when it comes to adding patterns, designs and colors to patio and garden fence for decorative purposes.

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