March 25, 2023
Wall mounted buckets for stuffed animal storage

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas: Store Toys Creatively

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Kids love stuffed animals! They want their parents to buy them nice stuffed toys whenever they go to the toy store, carnival and Christmas stores where all these plush toys are in plenty.

Stuffed animals for the most part are really cute, but truth be told, they take quite a lot of space in the kids’ room. If you have already placed a lot of furniture in their room such as a night stand, closet, a twin or tween bed or just a nice sport-themed bed set, you would never wish these toys to clutter the entire room.

As a parent, you already know that kids simply love to accumulate too many stuffed animals. They do want that plush giraffe that their friends have, they want that teddy bear too that they once saw in the showcase of a toy store. The best way for you manage the stock of these stuffed toys is keep them in baskets and bags. However, if your kids don’t play with the old ones, you can donate them to kids just out of kindness.

Today, we will discuss the best stuffed animal storage ideas with you. These solutions are the smartest ones, allowing the parents to manage their kids’ room without hassle.

Stuffed Animal Storage with Swings

Wooden swings are a great accessory to include in the room decoration. You can use them for displaying picture frames or for stuffed animal storage within the room space. There are tons of swing styles to choose from, you can create a nice display of all the stuffed toys that your kids have in a two and three tiered wooden swings. They can be be hung near the window in the room of your kids.

Stuffed animal swing stuffed animal storage ideas
Plush stuffed toys, teddy bears, hanging swing

Stuffed Animal Chairs and Bean Bags

Fortunately, Amazon is selling versatile designs of stuffed animal bean bags seats and chairs. They are designed in such a way to be filled with all the stuffed toys that you wish to store in the kids’ room.  For instance, if you have purchased a giant teddy bear, giraffe, dog, and honey pooh, keep them inside a chair. The chair is the best stuffed animal storage solution because it is wide enough to hold many toys at once.

Stuffed animal chair storage bean bag stuffed animal storage ideas
Bean bag chair

Gift Hamper Stuffed Animal Storage

You would never hate these hamper baskets lying around in the kids room. They can be filled with nice stuffed animals for quick storage. Use bigger baskets for storing giant toys. Overall, they offer the best solution to the parents looking to keep the room organized and free of clutter.

Hamper basket stuffed animal storage ideas

Hanging Baskets for Toy Storage

Sometimes your kids are not ready to part with their favorite toys such as bears, cats and plush dogs. Keep these stuffed animals inside their room by using a hanging basket. The basket won’t take space on the floor and can be hung anywhere for toy storage. Hanging baskets stuffed animal storage

Shoe Organizer Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

When you have no idea as what to do with all the clutter of toys that your kids own. Use shoe and mail organizer, they have compartments that you can use for storing animals.

If you are having difficulty finding a great place to mount the rack, simply use back-door space. Place a shoe rack organizer behind the door to make it a less visible stuffed animal storage space. You will love this idea because this is do-able.

Show organizer behind the door stuffed animal organizer

Hammock Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

You can buy a hammock for your the room of your kids or make one by hanging a fabric from both side in any corner of the room. Hanging hammocks are the best stuffed animal storage idea so far, they are affordable and easy to make.Stuffed animal hammock

Stuffed Animal Storage Shelves

You can definitely make the most of the wooden shelves. If there are none that you can use, just buy a few ones from Amazon and mount them on the wall for stuffed animal storage. The idea is doable. It is a practical way of keeping the floor free of toys and any undue clutter.

Stuffed animal storage animal displays

Toys Storage Canopy

Making a simple canopy near the kid’s bed is just a breeze. Mount it near the window or anywhere to make the toys accessible for your children. Toy storage canopies can hold all the plush toys in the right spot.Stuffed animal storage canopy

Closet Organizer Toy Storage Ideas

Sometimes the rooms are not really spacious for the storage of all the plus and stuffed animals toys. This is when you can use a closet organizer, it is designed with multi compartments. So, the organizer itself is the best toy storage idea for the parents who want to hide the toys in a safe place. Stuffed animal storage hanging closet organizer

Behind the Door Shoe Organizer Toy Storage

The shoe rack with the plastic pockets can hold tiny stuffed animals easily. Mount it behind the door to keep the plush animals stored nicely. Teach your children the importance of keeping the room cleaned, ask them to keep the toy back to the storage bag after playing with it.

Stuffed animal storage with shoe organizer

Stuffed Animal toys storage in Zoo

The idea of making a nice zoo full of your kid’s favorite animals is so enticing, practical and attractive. The zoo is just a container aka stuffed animal storage box with the painted and colorful finished on the outside. It’s the most amazing way to keep the plush toys close to your kiddo without making a mess around in the room.

Stuffed animal storage with stuffed animal zoo

Bedside Corrals for Stuffed Toy Storage

Make one of the corral and paint it to match it with the interior of the kid’s room. Hang it near the window, bed set or near computer desk. You can make the most of this stuffed toy storage idea as it is more a container in shape to put all the stuffed animals in one place.

Stuffed animal storage with toys corals

Wicker and Woven Stuffed Animal Baskets

Woven and wicker baskets are just the best way to store a lot of essentials and accessories in home without overusing any part of the room. Use these baskets for stuffed animal storage inside the room of your kids. They can carry even giant toys with ease.Stuffed animal storage with woven baskets

Animal Storage Farm

You will love the fact that a farm stuffed animal storage is vibrant in color. It’s like a nice painted house for your kids to store his toys in. The color can be matched with the accent wall of the room or with the interior of the space easily.

Stuffed animal zoo

Toy Storage Racks

Wall Mounted Racks are not just for storing and saving kids in the kitchen. They can be used as a stuffed animal storage solution. Use iron or aluminum, paint them in any color, and mount them just over the bed inside the kids room.

Surprisingly, stuffed toys can be stored nicely in a presentable way inside the Racks. They don’t take any floor space, hence they are the best toy storage solution.  Wall hanging stuffed animal storage

Stuffed Animal Storage Buckets

They are cute, tiny and perfect for stuffed animal storage.  Choose any size of these buckets and mount them behind the door, on the side of the bed, or over any wall near the computer desk.Wall mounted buckets for stuffed animal storage

Stuffed animals, if not gigantic in size, are very much manageable with the above mentioned storage solution. If you have any more ideas, please share  with us.



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