March 20, 2023
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Best Ways to DIY Pot Decoration. Dress Up Clay and Terracotta Pots Creatively

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Growing vegetables, flowers and plants in pot is an essential part of gardening. Use decorative flower pots to accentuate the beauty of outdoor gardens, landscapes and patios.

If you have some time to kill, decorate, paint and adore your flower pots using DIY garden pots tutorial. Do not worry, you do not need a lot of supplies to get started with the pot decoration. Just use some old paints, nail colors and polishes and other items which are already available.

Some gardening lovers buy terracotta pots, dress them up with the lace and beads, and grow succulent plants of their choice. You can do the same. It does not matter what types of potting plants you have chosen for gardening and growing flowers, you can always dress the pots in a tons of creative ways.

1. Dip Dye Marble Pots

Use old nail polish colors to decorate your pots in intricate designs. Make the use of your artistic skills by decorating marble pots for outdoor decoration.

Tutorial: Nail polish flower marble pots

2. Terracotta Fairy Garden Flower Pot

In this projects, the flowering pot is dressed up with pebbles and log. You would need log to make doors and windows

See the tutorial: DIY fairy House Planter

3.  Nautical Themed Planter

Use a high quality rope to wrap a clay or terracotta planter. Improve the pot decoration with beads, rhinestones and decorative pebbles. Glue the stones over the rope if you want to give your DIY pot decoration a personalised touch.

See the tutorial: DIY painted terracotta

4. Crochet themed Terracotta Planters

Etsy has many artists selling hand-knitted crochet covers for the terracotta planters. You can knit your own pot cover pieces if you have time.

source: DIY crochet planter pots

5. Recycling Art Supplies for DIY planters

Make Mosaic bird baths and Mosaic tile planter pots by attaching pieces of glass shards with the pots.Make interactive designs and patterns using variations of mosaic tiles.

Guide: Mosaic bird bath

6. Hand Painted Glittery Planter Pot

Glue some silver or golden glitter after painting the terracotta pot in white color. If you do not want to paint it white, use any color of your choice like red, purple, green or blue.

Write motivational quote, popular saying or your sibling’s name initial on the terracotta pot with the glitter pen. This is the easiest way to do DIY planter pot decoration.

Guide: DIY foil lettering on Planter pots

7.  Lace work On painted Planter Pots

Paint the planter or terracotta pots in any color of your choice. Go for vibrant paint colors. Cut the piece of lace according to the size of the pot after measurements. Now attach the lace with the glue. Use white paint over the lace to print the pattern of the lace onto planter pots.

more details: DIY lace Decoupage Plater pots

8. Beach theme Planter Pots

Buy small sized terracotta clay pots. Use glue and some sand to cover the pot. Use nautical theme accents to dress your pots into beach theme.

Tutorial: DIY nautical theme pots

9. Dress up Pots with Gliding Sheets

Tutorial: DIY pot decoration

10. Stenciling the Terracotta Pots

You can use different patterns and designs for stenciling the plain painted terracotta pots. Go for geometrical, triangular, square and cube design. Or go for nautical theme stencils, the options are unlimited.

Tutorial: How to stencil a pot

11. Stone Coverage onto Pot

If you have a lot of stone, pebbles and river rocks, use them all up for covering up the planter pots. You do not need to be an artist to do this job. It takes no time to think of the ways to arrange pebbles according to their sizes on terracotta pot.

12. DIY pot Decoration

Use poster, graphics, 3d illustrations and photos to decorate the pots. Give these decorated pots as a gift to your loved ones on Mother’s day, Sister’s day or Friendship day.

Tutorial: DIY Planter pot gift idea

13. Botanical Fabric Pot Design

Use fabric carrying fresh flower bloom patterns, seasonal designs, and botanical themes. you need Mod Podge and couple other art supplies for this DIY pot decoration project.

Tutorial: Botanical print flower pots

14.  Chalk Painted Flower Pots

Name the plant pots according to the plant you are growing inside them. Use a chalkboard to write quotes, names, and inspirational saying over the pots.

If you use terracotta for growing indoor herbs and planters, you can name each pot according to the herb growing inside such as Sage, Rosemary, parsley, Basil etc.

Guide: Chalkboard flower pot    &    DIY pot decor

15. Drip Paint flower paint

A lot of artists are making wonderful abstract and colorful paintings using drip paint methods. You need some color variations, just drip and pour the paint color in random order. Wipe the excess paint. Now you have a fully painted and fully decorated terracotta flower pots.

More details: DIY paint drip flower pot

16. Hand Painted Crayon Drawings

Make flowers, leaves, landscapes, sunset, sunrise, and your imagery garden using crayon on the clay flower pots. You do not have to be perfect at sketching. Anything you do will be an art you can own.

More details: DIY crayon colored pots

17. Cover pots with Moss

Moss is used for making fake grass in garden fairy houses. It can be utilized for covering the pots and boxes as well just for decoration and aesthetic.

Tutorial: DIY preserved Moss covered pots

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