March 31, 2023
Outdoor bird feeder

35+DIY Homemade Birdfeeders for Feeding Feathered Friends! Do Good for The World

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Feathered birds are so lovely and adorable, it is always fun to make DIY home made bird feeders to feel robins, parrots, sparrows, and all types of birds who stop by your property. Birds always fly from place to place in search of water, food, grains and fruits, you can pretty much make healthy bird feeders out of some seeds which are really inexpensive. It is your duty and our duty to take care of our nature and its beauty.

DIY Home made Birdfeeders

Taking care of birds and animals is so much relaxing, in some ways when you do something for them, you feel great inside. You do not need million of friends to feed feathered friends, you just need some items to provide them with good food. With little money you can prepare a nice bird feed and put it out door or hang it in your garden, balcony, patio or lawn.  I am sharing some great DIY home made birdfeeders idea which would help you prepare and hang some food/seeds for beautiful feathered creatures.

DIY Pot Bird Feeder

It is just so fun how you can recycle one flower and planter pot for feeding birds outdoor. It would not be costly, just hang the pot with a rope with a tree in your garden and you have one nice birdfeeder.

Flower pot bird feeder

Cardbox Letter Bird feeder

You can use cardbox letter for making a nice outdoor feeder for birds. You can use any cereal box of cheerios along with peanut butter. You would also need a pack of bird seeds or food for making this outdoor bird feeder. The idea is so simple, this is something even your kids would love to do with you.

Diy bird feeder

Hanging Popsicle Stick Bird feeder

You would need plenty of wooden sticks for making this DIY bird feeder for your garden and patio. Just use glue for making a one big bowl and put some seeds along with some fruits and berries. You would have a nice wooden feeder that you can hang outside. Just fill it daily to continue providing foods to the feathered friends.

Diy popsicle stick bird feeder idea

DIY Bird Feeder from Toilet Roll

If you do not have big budget for making a DIY bird feeder for birds, you can recycle a toilet roll, an old cup, and an unused plastic bottle.

Toilet roll paper bird feeder for feathered freinds

DIY Feeder for Chicken

For those who have chicken coops can give nice treats to their chickens and birds in their lawns by making a nice DIY chicken feeder.

Glass bird feederWooden Window Bird Feeder DIY

I love Ana White for sharing creative DIY projects and ideas. This DIY bird feeder plan requires you to choose wooden, you can use an old wood rack, timber or pallet as well. It would work well. Just recycle anything and turn into a nice serving bird feeding tray for birds.

Outdoor bird feeder

Buttered Up Pine Con Bird Feeder

This feeder is the most simplest to make and if your kids love crafts they would enjoy making it. First take a piece of pine cone, cover it with the peanut butter and now place it in a plate full of bird food and seed. Use a healthy seeds for the feeder. Now attach one 12-18 inches long string with the feeder to hang it with the tree or a bush outside. The string should be long enough or it would be frustrating to hang it outside.

Pinecone birdfeeder supplies

Home Made Toilet Paper Bird Feeder Craft

If you have no money to spend on buying a bird feeder from the market, you can recycle old toilet paper and punch hole in them. Cover them in peanut butter and stick them in a plate full of bird food and seeds. Use a ribbon, rope or string to hang the feeder with the tree.

Not to mention this DIY bird feeder is so easy to make, and it is cost-effective too, you do not need anything from the market other than a bag of seeds.

Home made bird feeder for feathered friends

Cookie Cutter Recycled for Making an Outdoor Bird feeder

You do not need a complicate birdfeeder recipe for making this DIY craft. Just buy a bag of bird seeds and food, use gelatin with the seeds, and use cookie cutters to shape up the feeds in hearts, rectangular, and squares for outdoor display.

Ethan musical bird feeder

Recycling Painting Plastic Bottle for DIY bird feeder

Do not throw plastic bottles and mason jars, they are reusable for outdoor decorations and DIY projects.  You can turn plastic bottle into a functional art, by turning in into  DIY bird feeder. You would need some art supplies such as pine cone cap, acrylic paint, pain brushes, and cardboxes for this project.

Beautiful outdoor bird feeder

Heart Shaped Valentine’s day Inspired Bird Feeder

I almost all the ideas shared on Wine and Glue blog, they share very creative crafts that anybody with no knowledge can attempt and get success at. This heart shaped Valentine’s birdfeeder is made with unflavored gelatin, corn syrup, bird seeds/small fruits, and a cup of corn flour.

Creative valentine day bird feeder for outdoor


DIY Cup Pitcher Bird Feeder

This birdfeeder is made by upcycling plastic dinnerware, you may use any type of plate and  cup, even the disposable ones for putting some seeds for birds outdoor in the garden.

Outdoor bird feeder diy

DIY Feeder for Feathered Friends

When you have  pack of good bird seeds, you can mix them with water and some gelatin, and then give them shapes by using cookie cutter or any mold.

Healthy seed bird feeder for feathered friends

DIY Bird Feeder from Pine Cone

The idea is to cover up the cone with a sticky material before sticking some seeds over it and hanging it outdoor. Besides seeds this tutorial suggests you to use wheat chex to make a healthy food.

Pinecone birdfeeder8 2

DIY Bird House with Feed Inside

You can construct a nice bird house with old wooden pallet, timber or lumber, even an old kitchen rack would help you create one house for your friends.You can put some bird seeds on it for feeding your feathered friends in every season.

Bird house with bird feeder

Apple Bird Feeder

The idea is to use a mold or cutter for making some space in the middle of the apple, when you cut out a portion of the fruit it makes a small room where you can put some seeds and feeds for the birds. Hang the apple outside, it would make for a healthy bird foods for sparrows, doves, parrots, and all the birds who come by your property.

Bird feeder with healthy pallets for birds diy


Feeder in China Cup

This DIY birdfeeder plan is simple, you can use a cup and hang it outside with the seeds. Use China cup, or plastic cup, anything that you have placed in the storage.

Hanging cup bird feeder


DIY orange Bird Feeder

The picture always illustrates what need to be done for making a DIY birdfeeder cup. First take one orange and cut it in half in the middle, scoop all the fruit out and pulp from the orange. You now have some room for putting in seeds and granola. It is simple as this

Healthy diy bird feeder

Recycle Milk Jar for DIY Birdfeeder for Garden

We all consume several liters of milk in our home in daily life, the milk pack and cartons can be recycle for making a DIY milk bird feeders for great feathered friends. The original plan suggests to use a milk jug, you can use jar, pack and container whatever is available in your home. You can put in seeds, sunflower seeds, and millets and hang it outdoor.

Milk jug bird feeder



Cheerio Cereal Birdfeeder

Since cheerio are low sugar cereal, they are healthy for birds. They should be given to the birds in small quantity though. Besides Cheerio you can also put porridge oat, and crush bran flakes; birds love eating cereal. When you visit the website you get a printable instruction manual as well on how to make cereal birdfeeder at home.

Cheerio bird feeder

Peanut Butter Treats for Birds

You can mix seeds and granola with the gelatin for making some good treats for the birds.

Simple Bird Feeder to Make

You need to attract the birds towards your Birdfeeder, for you can use apple, orange and fruits. The smell of fruits would entice them and they would come running towards the feed you have put outside. This feeder is made by slicing the lemon and putting sunflower seeds and a handful of pumpkin seeds together in the portion where lemon pulp and juice is scooped out.

Easy outdoor bird feeder for birds

Cookie Cutter Butter Treats

I love how simple this idea is and how easy you can do it every day of your life for providing food for the nourishment of beautiful birds. You need to dissolve  two cups of gelatin and mix two cups of bird seeds of good brand together. When the seeds are mixed nicely, use cookie cutter for giving nice shapes to the bird treats.

Diy home made bird feeders for birds

Upcycling Plastic Bottles for Bird feeder

Do not throw plastic bottles and jars, they can be used for DIY crafts such as for making planter boxes and DIY birdfeeders. You need to put in some seeds only for serving food to the birds outdoor.

Plastic Milk jug is recycled for making a good outdoor feeder for the feathered friends. You need a blade for cutting the jug though, it should not take much of effort.

Milk bottle bird feeder diy

Natural and Healthy Birdfeeder

In this healthy homemade birdfeeder, you need to use the fruit too. First cut an orange in two halves, now remove the pulp and juice from the orange. In a separate bowl, mix some peanut butter with oatmeal, cornmeal, some raisins and mix the fruit you have scooped out from the orange. The empty piece of orange is now have a basket type shape , fill in the basket with the mixture and serve it to the feathered friends. This is one of the most healthiest homemade bird feeder you can make with your kids for birdies

Bird seed with bird feeder diy

Healthy Treats for Feathered friends

These treats are made by dissolving knox gelatin with the bird seeds. Give nice shapes to the bird treats by cutting them with the cookie cutter.

Hanging bird feeder diy

Pumpkin with Bird Feeder

Cut a pumpkin in two halves from the middle. Remove all the seeds out of it and now fill it with bird seeds, put this feeder outside where it can attract the birds.

Classy bird feeder for feathered friends diy

Orange Bird Feeder

This is a fantastic way of serving fresh fruits to the birdies outdoor. You need to cut orange in two halves and drill them onto a wooden board. Make two holes underneath the orange for perches so birds can sit on them and drink juice from the orange easily. This bird feeder plan has used pen and pencils for perches. You can use two small pieces of well-cut wood or some tree logs of tiny sizes that can fit well in the holes.

Bird feed orange to feathered freinds diy bird feeder


Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder

Love this soda bottle feeder, you need to need two wooden spoon inside the bottle and use the craft knife for making holes on the plastic. Fill it the seeds and put it outside for feeding feathered friends.

Soda bottle bird feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

This would require you to make small holes on the bottles by using a quality drill machine. It would make for a great birdfeeder for birds, you can put is small sized seeds though such safflower and sunflower seeds. Epoxy is used for attaching the saucer with the bottom of the bottle.

Recycled wine bottles for making bird feeder

Home Made Seed Feeder for Birds

You would need gelatin, seeds, ribbons and cookie cutter for making these delicious seed treats for the birds.

Feeding seeds to birds home made bird feeder for outdoor


Healthy Pine Con Bird Feed

The idea of using pine con is the same for making feed for the birds, dip it in peanut butter and stick in inside a plate full of safflower, cornmeal, oat and sunflowers.

Diy pinecone bird feeder

Peanut Butter Birdfeeder

Use a toilet paper, cover it fully inside some peanut butter and now put it inside a plate full of healthy bird seeds. Make sure the peanut butter has nice coating of seeds before you hang the roll outside.

Olympus digital camera

Hanging Birdfeed wreath Outdoor

Whether it is a national birdfeeding day or not, you can always hang a nice birdfeeder wreath on the front door or on the entry door of your property. The wreath would provide nice treat to the birds and would be a great decorative element on the exteriors as well. Good thing is it is so inexpensive to make.

Outdoor bird seed wreath for birds diy

Cheerio Bird Feeder Idea

If you have to no idea as what to serve to the birds who come in your neighborhood looking for food everyday, you can serve them cheerio. Cheerio cereal makes for the best bird food alone, it is healthy and nutritional as well. You can use combination of cereal, fruits and grains for your DIY bird feeder.

Pip cleaner cheerio bird feeder project

Pine Con Bird Feeder

This art was done on natural bird feeding month, but it is so practice for every month since birds would need food all years around, you can make something like this every day. Just collect some pieces of pine cones, cover them up with the peanut butter and make a coating of bird seeds or cereal over them. Try to make a healthy bird feed for beautiful birdies because they like delicious food more than anything.

Pinecone birdfeeder 469x700 1

DIY glass shade Bird Feeder

A glass lamp shade was cut in two pieces and then hung with the nylon rope outdoor for serving treats to the birds.You can use any old lamp shade, not necessarily glass, it could be anything that you do not need any longer. Serve fruits and sunflower seeds.

Hanging bird feeder home made

DIY China Tea cup Bird Feeder

You can use an old cup with its picture and turn it into a nice feeder. Hang it on a tree or place it anywhere else where birds often looking for food outside your home or in your neighborhood.

Diy tea cup bird feeder for birds



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