March 23, 2023
Diy fish tank super mario brothers aquarium

DIY Fish Tanks Plans. Learn how to Build Indoor Fish Aquariums with Ease

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A beautiful fish tank or aquarium can add beautiful water aesthetic to your home. If you love animals, nature and water, you would love to make a DIY fish tank for decorating your living room, kitchen or dining room. Most commonly aquariums are built on the wall that divide living room from the kitchen. It is more of a personal choice where you would love to keep it though, just make sure the spot is noise and pollution free for safety of fish.
Most DIY fish tanks are fun to make when you have all the tools and equipment available. Even if you do not have all the materials. you can invest some, because making a fish aquarium or tank is way more affordable than the ones you buy from the market.

Instead of spending a hundred thousand dollars you can just make a very friendly DIY fish tank yourself and breed your favorite fish in it. Some best freshwater fish you can choose to have for tanks are Guppy, zebrafish, cory, harlequin rasbora, platyfish, kuhli loach, cherry barb, gold fish (my favorite), bloodfin tetras, Mountain minnow,danios and black Molly.

You might have seen modern home interior where kitchen wall divider features an aquarium. This wall basically separated an open style living room from the kitchen area. The interior designers are using diverse ideas for building indoor fish tanks and aquariums. There are several ways to use the feature by disrupting with the interior of a space.
You can pick any wall of your home and make one DIY wall aquarium. Choose the room with little to no traffic so to provide a great and uninterrupted living to fish breed you would keep in your aquarium.

Diy fish tank wall aquariumYou would need some aluminum panels for the building the structure and of course good quality glass for making the case. the plan is really simple; the plan involves using aquatic inspired backdrop for the structure, you can go for blue green or aqua color as well as they both symbolize oceanic view. You would never run of seascape color palettes ideas, just make sure to pick the one which goes well with your DIY fish aquarium. You need to add some lighting, pump, a bubbler as well. The plan recommends you to use a thermostat in order to regulate the water temperature inside aquarium, doing so is really important if you live in an area where winter season is like a forever season of the year.

Beautiful Hexagonal Fish Aquarium Plan

Any architect designer would tell you that geometrical shapes make for the best interior. Now this unique hexagonal fish aquarium plan is my favorite, it requires you to use wooden frame in the design. You can make acrylic tank for beautiful fish within budget, however, the frame will have to be constructed with wooden only. Use pine, cedar, alder and any premium quality AA wood for the project , pick the one which would not mold or rot easily since it would be used for making fish aquarium. For beautifying your aquarium you have to add led lighting, illuminating mushrooms, and aquatic decorations to keep your fish happy and healthy inside. Do not forget to add gravel for productive of healthy bacterial in water.

Diy fish tank hexagonal acrylic aquarium

Coffee Pot Mini Fish Tank

You won’t be surprised to see what people are doing in order to connect with the nature and for their passion. You can make mini fish tank inside a coffee pot, you just need anything that is made of glass and has a lid. The only draw back of mini indoor aquariums is that they do not provide big water space for fish to swim around and your pets may feel stuck in a congested space. You can add good aquatic features to your mini fish tank to make it pleasant for your fish pet, for example add good aquarium plants for production of oxygen, use colorful led lighting fixtures to brighten up the water and use thermostat to regulate the temperature of water. It must be favorable for living.

Diy fish tank coffee pot fish tank

DIY Rock Aquariums

It is really good to use rocks, concrete, and natural stones for decorating your DIY fish tanks and aquariums. Now this plan is really clearly done by layering up rock, you can create multi-tiered symmetry by using river rocks inside the aquariums aquatic to provide very Eco-friendly atmosphere to your fish. You can arrange the rock outside and put them inside when they are connected nicely into a great structure. Do not over crowd aquarium with rocks only, fish needs some space to swim across. You can decorate the base with some fresh plants and pebbles.

Diy fish tank making a fish tank

DIY Dispenser Aquarium Plan

I love how you can recycle, repurposed and reuse scrap for making productive DIY crafts for home decorations and interior. Now for this DIY fish aquarium, you would be using a seven litter glass drink dispenser into a great aquarium. You would need some wood boards, preferably plywood. And of course one glass drink dispenser that comes with lid. You need to cut wood in round shape because you will be making the bottom base for aquarium using it. You need some aquarium supplies such as air pumps, led lighting, water filter, plants and gravels. Thermometer for regulating water temperature. You can decorate your DIY dispenser aquarium using beautiful plants, pebbles and rocks.

Diy fish tank drink dispenser aquarium

Beautiful Aquarium plan with Aquatic Background

If you want to create a realistic looking DIY fish aquairum you would love this place because a beautiful 3d backdrop poster is used for making the background of the aquarium. Good thing is the theme of 3d aquatic poster is so much related. You would some supplies for this DIY projects such as pink foam board and of course cement overlay. The plan included all the guides on how you can built your 3d aquarium without spending so much money by using only a few items.

Diy fish tank background for your diy aquarium

DIY Plywood Fish Tank

You can make a plywood fish aquarium within budget, the plan is simple. You would need oak wood, some glass panes and other materials. The plan is not complex but it is for those people who have some experience into building basic wooden structures and furniture, you would need tools, so for making this DIY aquariums you must follow the step by step guide. If you do not want to make large sized tank, you can make small using the sample plan.

Diy fish tank plywood fish tank

TV Fish Tank

It is amazing how you can recycle old items into making something really stunning. For this DIY TV fish tank, a vintage tv is used for making a small indoor aquarium for living room or kitchen. You can buy an old television structure, the ones that used to come with screen enclosed in a frame. You would need some tools like hammers for dismantling the parts of the television. Do not remove buttons, controls or CRT tube of the television, you can use them on aquarium designs. Follow the instructions given on the plan to make your beautiful tank. You can find a vintage or old style television from your grandmother’s home or get it from an online retail store, it would not be very costly.

Diy tv diy fish tank aquarium

PC Fish Tank

For making this DIY fish aquarium you can use desktop of an old PC which you no longer use or anymore. You need some items such as some glass block to make fittings for the tank on the CPU. I m sharing DIY fish tank plan which will guide you further on how you can turn an old PC into a very beautiful fish exhibit without spending so much money. You would love making it for sure because it does not require a lot of struggle. You can beautify the tank by adding decorative aquarium accessories such as coral reef, glowing effect mushrooms, swaying plants and leaves.

Diy fish tank diy aquarium ideas

DIY Super Mario Fish Aquarium

Remember those days when only game available for video console was Super Mario, we would play it like crazy til last stage. You can build DIY Super Mario fish tank easily, you would need some features such as staircase to add on the tank. If you know someone who can go some designing over it, you can have the tank designed with interactive patterns. You need some PVC pipes as well along with materials to complete this DIY tank for fish. If you want to improve the design, make the use of aquarium gravels such as rocks, pebbles, and stones.

Diy fish tank super mario brothers aquarium

DIY Console Table Fish Tank

You might have seen table where a small aquarium is connected with the table top by the carpenter. You can built one console or coffee table fish aquarium or tank by using wood board, remember you would need glass for making panels and top for table top. It is your choice where you wish to make the tank, you can make part the table in two sections, make vertical aquarium on one side or use other half as table. The most recommended console table comes where top section is used as the table of course and the bottom is converted into Fish aquarium. To beautify the design further more, you can install aquarium led lighting to make brighten up the water for fish you would choose to keep in it.

Diy fish tank fish tank coffee table

DIY Mason Jar Fish Aquarium

You do not need expensive fish tanks to grow your favorite fish breeds, if you cannot afford expensive ones, you can make one by using glass mason jar and decorating it a little bit.You should pick an appropriate sized mason jar because fish needs space to live happily.It would not be fun for them to just move in a circle, so for making your DIY mason jar fish tank you need at least big size. Put some gravel inside the aquarium , hollow tree trunk, aquatic plants, fish leaf pads, and fluorescent plants. You would need some tools for making this indoor aquarium as well. However, there is nothing very complicated to learn.

Diy fish tank mason jar fish tank

Cute Miniature DIY Fish Tank

I must say that miniature fish aquariums are good for places where there is no space for large glass tanks. Compared to large size tanks, they are easy to maintain and clean as well, there would not be a lot of expensive involved when it would come to changing the water or installing a new water pump. This one project is done by recycling glass jars, make sure to choose the ones that come with lids. You can turn the jars into nice fish tank by decorating it with aquatic plants, installing small led lights, adding pump and putting some stone/pebble gravel on the base.

Diy fish tank build a mini aquarium

DIY Fish Aquarium

I need to clear up a few points before I share tutorial for this DIY fish aquarium or tank, you need to understand that there might be some expensive involved when you make one for your room. To keep your fish healthy you may have to install a water conditioner for allowing good bacteria in aquarium water. You may also need a fish filter. During winter you will have to install a aquarium heater to keep the water temperature moderate so your fish can feel comfortable while they swim around. Too cold water can kill them.
Now let’s get back to this DIY fish tank I want to share. For this plan, you would need a transparent basin with some plants to regular oxygen level indoor. Never opt for artifiial ones if you care for health of your fish, go for real ones so they can produce oxygen in water. Use stone, pebbles and river rocks for making the aquarium friendly for your underwater friends.

Diy fish tank diy fish tank

Pack man Inspired DIY Fish Tank

If you love spider man, bat man or any particular character you can use it for making your theme for the fish aquarium design. You can choose any design, Disney character or movie character that you adore the most. No matter what the size of tank is make sure to add some good plants in it such as java moss, java fern, amazon swords, cryptocorynes, anubias, anubias nana, crypt wendtii,and water wisteria. These ae the best aquarium plants that can make water friendly for your fish. You can also buy and keep pygmy chain sword in the tank.
The one I am going to share in this article is called Pac Man DIY fish tank because it is based on the same design. You would need to cut wood into particular shapes and sizes, each piece has to be glued for the design. The DIY tank plan will guide you step by step for the project.

Diy fish tank pac man fish tank

It is really fun to be able to make a tank for your fish pets, for adding decorative accessories you can make investment from time to time. The bigger sized aquariums provide good space for your fish, however, if there is no space for their placements in home, go for mini-size to satisfy your passion and hobby.

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