April 1, 2023
Diy fairy house plans peg doll diy fairy house

DIY Fairy House Plans for Backyards, Gardens, and Front Porches

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There are several ways to build an attractive and beautiful DIY fairy house for decorating your garden, porch, patio or indoor places like living room. Any DIY projects and artworks are fun to do when you include your children and friends; when you have more people to work with you can create wonderful DIY crafts which would look different because everyone would use their own ideas besides putting struggle into making them outstanding.

Make DIY Fairy House with Family Members

Kids these days love to engage in DIY fairy houses, water fountains, button crafts, and projects which include painting, sketching and coloring. They have unique imaginations to share when it comes to doing normal DIY projects. Their crafts are usually very colorful and vibrant. Your daughter or grand daughters might be so willing to participate in interesting projects; you can teach them how to make a beautiful fairy house by providing some materials needed for completing the projects. This is what we did when we wanted to teach our youngest daughter how to make gingerbread houses. My husband bought her all the materials for decorations, she took three days and her ginger bread house came out really fine. She tried an edible one later for her school projects and completed it in only two hours


Fairy Mansion for Backyards and Gardens

I must tell you that it is absolute fun to build beautiful fairy mansion with kids and children. They have their own imagination to work with and they always bring new ideas for building creative yet very fantastic garden fairy houses. These projects would be something you would love doing with friends.

As the title suggests, fairy house mansion is a structure you build using your creativity and idea. Imagine yourself what would be the place like where fairies, angels, and woodland creatures live? If this universe of ours is beautiful, full of beautiful greens and all kinds of colors, what would their universe be like. Probably fairy mansions and castles may be more beautiful than what we get to see here on our planet.

Magical Doll Fairy House

This DIY wooden Peg Doll fairy house is a fun project to do with children who love games. You can construct this Mansion like structures by using wooden slabs. To decorate it you would need some mosses, leaves, and twine. You need to lay a grass around the house for you would be using moss to create grass like garden outside doll fairy house. For decorating the house exterior decorative washi tape can also be used. Wooden peg dolls are also used for this projects. All the materials that you need are listed under the tutorial.

Diy fairy house plans peg doll diy fairy house

DIY Miniature Cobblestone Fairy Cottage

This stone covered fairy house is really beautiful because its exterior is built with cement boards. Wood log slices are used for making windows and doors on this cobblestone fairy cottage, which makes it perfect for garden and yards because it can withstand with weather changes such as rain, sunlight and down pour. You can use twigs too for covering the roof of this garden fairy house though and use wood log slices for windows/doors if you cannot find a trunk to get your wood from. This miniature cottage would be a perfect outdoor decoration if you could add colors to it.

Diy fairy house plans cobblestone diy fairy house

DIY Terracotta Fairy House Planter

This DIY planter fairy house is pretty fun to make with your kids. You can use an old terracotta pot, planter container and pottery container, repurpose it, if possible you can paint it before turning into fairy planter house. You would need some gorilla glue for attaching pebbles and stones to the pot, in addition a nice fairy door with whimsical wooden window is required, they would be glued on the exterior of house. You also need some moss to be glued for making grass for the structure.

Diy fairy house plans diy fairy house planter

Cutest Fairy Garden House ever

This project is very adorable and cute, it has fantastic fantasy type structure which grabbed my attention. For this DIY fairy garden house You would need Popsicle sticks, cardbox boards, acrylic paint, birch and twigs. Using Popsicle sticks you would make roof and cover it with birch and twigs. You can use ice creams and glue them, paint them in good color for making doors and windows for fairy house. It would be fun to make this small outdoor mansion since there are only few items you need to keep your kids engage with DIY project. You can keep this house in your backyard and garden with ease without having to fear about its getting damaged at all.

Diy fairy house plans diy fairy garden house1

Tee Stump Fairy Mansion with Paper

I have mentioned before you can pretty much repurpose old stuff to make creative DIY projects, making a fairy house is no exception, you can do it with ease. Paper is used for making this house along with mod podge. Bark pieces are used for constructing exterior of this tree-stump like fairy house. Since bark is used so the structure seems to be a trunk whereas in reality it is just an illusion caused by its exterior.

Diy fairy house plans tree stump fairy house

Fairy Guest House Plan

Another one on my favorite list of DIY fairy houses is this project which can be built on a low budget. The idea again is to repurpose old items, for this DIY project an old lantern is used; for adding house like features decorative grass is used along with miniature home furniture. You can find miniature furniture from the stores where doll accessories are sold. In this project, she removed glass from the panels of lanterns because it would have been difficult for her to work inside the space. It is a kind  fairy porch house for your gardens and porches.Stalked are stuck inside the foam and trimmed grass was placed carefully under miniature fairy garden bench. A nice tiny sized accent table is making a big statement.

Diy fairy house plans guest diy fairy house

DIY Fairy Garden House Tutorial

You can use any wood and turn it into nice fairy castle, three-tired mansion and a great apartment inspired by your fairy-tale stories. Now DIY fairy garden house project is simple; scrap wood is used for making the structure, paint is used for making flowers and leave on the exterior. If you are an artisan yourself, it should be no difficulty for you to use pebbles,stones, crystals and decorative materials on the exterior part of DIY fairy house. You have to make house look realistic yet keeping all the fantasy like features intact with the house structure. It can be decorated in garden, yards and front porch- we have one fairy mansion and it is our living room coffee table centerpiece, all the guests who visit us fall in love it.

Diy fairy house plans diy fairy garden house2

DIY Fairy Gourd House

Remember how many kids fell in love with Hobbit’s house because it was unique, beautiful,and different in its structures. You can something like on your own as well. This Fairy house tutorial shows you can use smooth gourd along with pine cones, glass, and pine round for making an excellent house for fairies and woodland creatures. You can use moss for making grass, pine cones, twigs, and barks for roof structure and completing the exterior features of house.

Making a DIY fairy house with natural elements is more fun. This house is very unique in structure and design, your kids would love making it with you.

Diy fairy house plans gourd diy fairy house

DIY Clay/Polymer Fairy House Sculpture Plan

It is a known fact that self-hardening clay is used for making mini-indoor succulent planters, plates, tropical themed air dry plates/bowls, hand made necklace, and clay diffuser key chains. Clay can be used for variety of DIY projects. This DIY clay fairy house is my favorite because it is simple to make. Most artisans use and love clay because it can be molded into any shape, design and pattern; the design is pretty much redoable when it does not go well. This is the simplest Sculputed fairy house you can make out of clay or polymer, but keep in mind that you should not expose the house to rain and water or else it will be a great mess.

Diy fairy house plans clay fairy house

Popsicle Stick Fairy House Plan

Popsicle sticks are made of wood, they can be painted, printed and decorated for making beautiful DIY projects such as miniature benches, beautiful garden art, barnyard animals, ballerinas, airplane and tons of other crafty things. I fell in love with this DIY Popsicle stick fairy house tutorial a soon as I saw it. You can add more art materials such as rhinestones, buttons, gems, crystals, and handpainted jewelry for adding glamour to fairy mansion. For exterior of house, make natural elements using moss, small key log for making miniature trees, and tiny pine cones . Natural elements would make your fairy house look realistic and natural in your garden decoration.

Diy fairy house plans popsicle stick diy fairy house

Build Rustic Fairy House Plan

If you wish to make a DIY Popsicle sticks fairy house on budget; you would love this plan, you would need twigs, leaves, moss, popsicle sticks, and glue for this structure. For constructing frames you need to glue popsicle sticks together, you can paint them. Twigs were used outdoor for adding the rustic and realistic structure. Twig ladder was created for indoor of the house. You can collect pebbles from garden for making walkway. She used foam for the base and used ziplock bags for constructing fairy house windows. You can use materials of your own choice, you can use twig for making window frames for adding more rustic touch to the exterior.

Diy fairy house plans diy popsicle stick fairy house2

DIY Fairy House Jar

If you have mason jar and decorated glass jars you can use them for making DIY Jar Fairy house and keep it in your garden. Air drying clay is used for making toadstools, windows, and doors. You also need to paint the jar with acrylic paint for adding colors. There are more creative ideas for fairy house decorations , use your own creativity. How about adding some string lighting for adding fantasy vibe to the jar house? It would be fantastic, wouldn’t it be?

Diy fairy house plans diy fairy house jar

DIY Twig/Bark Fairy House

I am in love with this DIY fairy house plan with twigs, moss and barks. You would have to make a circle with drying clay on the base and push some twigs on it. Your twigs would stick nicely, now use masking tape over twigs and add pieces of barks. Using cutting tools for making tiny pieces of barks. Add some moss to the structures. Use tiny twigs for making fairy house steps; use pine cones, flowers, leaves and acorns to surround the house with natural elements.

Diy fairy house plans enchanted diy fairy house

Plastic Bottle Fairy House

You should never throw plastic bottles; keep in mind that they can be used for making mini vases, mini succulent planter containers, garden screens, and variety of creative crafts and DIY projects which could be useful for your garden and porch decorations. You can make a pretty DIY plastic bottle Lamp fairy house. It would be a kind of house that would look like a real house with indoor lighting, you would need paper, glue, foil, and couple other art material for making DIY fairy house with an indoor lamp. You can use it for garden decoration or use it as a table centerpiece.

Diy fairy house plans plastic bottle fairy hous

Build a Backyard Fairy House

You can build a nice fairy house for your backyard. Not just for backyard, you can hang it in balcony or porch; keep it in garden or as a centerpiece on a patio table. You would need sticks, leaves, pine cones, twigs, flowers, rocks, seashells, and stones for making this DIY fairy house for backyard. You can built this house in a tree or if intend to use as a centerpiece build it in a terracotta pot as well. You can surround it with leaves, colorful lavender, and flowers. You can add elements according to season, during summer you can collect fresh flowers to decorate the house.

Diy fairy house plans diy fairy tree house

How to Make A Fairy House

Learn how to make a nice, natural fairy house on your own by using leaves, stones, bark, dried flowers, gravels and anything you have in your backyard or front yard. You would have to use some craft sticks; glue them together for making initial structure. Use bark to cover the structure along with some leaves. Now use river rocks for making pathways, use flower and leaves for making raised garden beds. You can use popsicle sticks for making miniature benches and tables as well for fairy house. It would be great for your front and backyards, porches, and gardens.

Diy fairy house plans natural diy fairy house2

Build Fairy House with Recycled Items

You can recyle bottles, pebbles, stones and anything you have for making creative fairy houses for yards and gardens decorations. I fell in love with this plan because it is so much doable with few items you have. Let your kids work on the projects and make it interesting for everyone.You can use stones, river rocks, pebbles, pixie dusts, leaves, and barks for building a really beautiful fairy house or inhabitant of mythical creatures.

Diy fairy house plans reclaimed diy fairy house

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