April 1, 2023
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12+ DIY Dream Catcher Ideas! Using Crocheting for DIY Decor

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Dreamcatchers are one of the most amazing decorative elements with a great history. People are confused about the origin about the dreamcatcher, some say people would weave it on a web and hang it over the cradles for tradition. Others believe that dreamcatcher (willow hoop) has some spiritual meanings, either way they are the best centerpiece that can be hung in the garden for decor.

Dreamcatcher for DIY Decor

Dreamcatcher can also be mounted on the wall, it is really customizable. If you an artist you might already have some art and craft material with you. You can use beads, crystals, rhinestones and stones on the weaved web of the dreamcatcher to make it look fancy.

If you want to make a decorative crochet dreamcatcher you do not need to learn a lot. You would need wood and string with some metal and stones. Adding some feathers on the dreamcatcher is also a great idea, it would just add more beauty to this decorative centerpiece.

Patterns of Crochet dreamcatcher vary from style to style, some designs are intricate and difficult to make while others are just easy to do. If you have already learned crocheting it would be no difficulty for you to come up with unique pattern and design ideas.

Here are some ways of decorating Dreamcatcher in your home.

Hang near Bed Post

You can hang a dreamcatcher with feather near your bed post where you sleep. This is a very effective therapy for those who are suffering from sleep deprivation. The mystical power of the dreamcatcher would make your dream to come alive and help you feel spiritually positive and awakened. You can place it in the side bed drawer just in case you wish to have a peaceful sleep, but hanging a crochet dreamcatcher is more recommended because it is believed to induce good dreams, sleep and spiritual journey as you lie sleep in your bed.

Good spots for hanging sacred dreamcatcher are bed pole, accent wall, wall behind bed headboard and lampshade in your bedroom. However you can also incorporate it in living room decor to give to evoke a great sense of statement in the area.

Hang Dreamcatcher in Garden

Another option is that you hang dreamcatcher outdoor in your garden with your wind chime, it would work magically for bringing good energy in your home, making it more welcoming for positive energies and vibes.


Woven Black Dream Catcher

Crochet Black Dream Catcher.
Source for this dreamcatcher tutorial


Intricate Crocher Dream Catcher Mandala for DIY Wall Decor


Crochet Big Dreams Dream Catcher.

Learn how to Crochet this big dream catcher.

Weaving Pineapple Dreamcatcher Pattern

Crochet Pineapple Snowflake Suncatcher.

Get guide on this DIY project

DIY Mandala Dreamcatcher

Crochet Doily Mandala Dreamcatcher.
Source for DIY crochet wall decor


Crochet Dreamcatcher with Feather

Crochet Dreaming Of Feathers.

DIY Feather craft


Crochet Dreamcatcher Dish Cloth

Crochet Sun Catcher Dish Cloth.

Source: DIY sun crochet art and craft for home

Crochet Dreamcatcher Weave with Feathers

Crochet Tunisian Feathers.

Learn Feather craft for crocheting.

 Easy Weaved Crochet Mandala

Crochet Mandala Dream Catcher.

DIY Mandala craft for wall art


DIY handmade Suncatcher

Crochet Shell Suncatcher.

Handmade hanging centerpieces.

DIY Homemade Feathered Dreamcatcher

Crochet Reversible Feathers.

Crocheting feather charms in colors.

Rainbow Suncatcher Spirals

Crochet Rainbow Granny Spiral Sun Catcher.

Rainbow Crochet.

Tree of Life Catcher

Crochet Tree Of Life Dream Catcher.


A Little Ray of Hope

Connie’s Ray Of Hope.

DIY Crochet Dream catcher mounted behind the wall of shabby chic closet chest.

Woven Flower Catcher

Crochet Flower Dream Catcher.

Hanging dreamcatcher with a bird charm.


Crochet Dreamcatcher Mandala

Spirit Mandala.

Spiritual Mandala pattern for crocheting.

Colorful Mandala Dream Catcher

Crochet Mandala Dream Catcher.

Decorative crochet mandala  hula hoop design idea.

Sunny Flower Dream Catcher

Crochet Sunny Flower Mini Mandala Sun Catcher.

DIY decorative crochet centerpiece, mini colorful mandala patter, it can be hung on the wall.

Crocodile Stitch Crochet

Crochet Rhiannon Crocodile Stitch Doily Dream Catcher.

DIY crochet dream catcher with nice pattern for hanging indoor or outdoor.


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