March 21, 2023
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12+ DIY Bench Ideas! Build Creative Benches for Indoor Outdoor

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Your garden, patio and lawn would never be functional without at least one good bench seat. Without outdoor garden and patio furniture you would not be able to use the space for parties and celebrations.  For some most celebrations, Barbecue parties are held outdoor and guests sit on Garden benches or sectional sofa set.

Outdoor Garden Furniture

When it comes to outdoor garden furniture you have so many choices. How about placing one big pergola hammock outside for reading your book during day time. A great wooden swing chair would be suitable for your elderly people who love spending time in garden for soaking sun light to improve their health. Vitamin D is good for bones and it is obtained from sun only. There are different types of patio and garden furniture such as one wooden table with four chairs can be arranged in the garden, for shading the area you may set up umbrella right over the table set.

Outdoor Benches for Garden

Garden benches are the most suitable seating for outdoor landscapes regardless of their size and dimensions. Not to mention, tons of styles and designs exist in outdoor wooden and metal benches but their designs are almost the same. The purpose of this furniture is to provide a seating section whoever needs.

If you have some wood working experience you can build one too many DIY outdoor benches either from wood or metal, and even with the combination of both. In most cases, when you surf through the internet you get your hands on very useful DIY garden bench plans that teach you how to construct outdoor seats without having to spend so much money. You would need some tools though and some material as well, of course the investment would be worth it in the end.

I am sharing some great tutorials on DIY outdoor benches, you should pick the style that you love the most and download its construction plan to get started with your DIY project.


Repurposed Headboard Bench

Recycled Headboard Bench.

We all keep old furniture with us, your grandmother’s or grandfather’s bed set can be reused for making creative wood art and craft. You would need an old wooden bed frame for this DIY Outdoor Bench plan. You need to take off the headboard from the bed, make sure to take it as one piece without damaging the edges. Not any part of old bed would be waste, use it for making the bench seat and its side. You can use any paint though, this bench is painted in slate gray color. You can do wood working and carving on your DIY bench to make it a creative art.


DIY Garden Coffee Table Bench Seat

Outdoor Convertible Coffee Table Bench.

This project is really great because when you work on DIY garden bench plan, you end up create a convertible seat which can be work as a table as well when needed. You need to fold the top part of the seat to make it a nice eating table for your family. You may use any type of wood like cypress, cedar, cherry wood, and oak. Teak wood is little expensive but it makes best outdoor garden furniture.  You would need to use a wood and attach a hinge in the middle. In original plan, bench back is constructed from scrap material. You can choose a chalk paint or any wood color for painting your DIY bench seat.


DIY Concrete Garden Bench

DIY Concrete Block Bench for Outdoor.

This DIY project is easy to do because you know how simple it would be to make a nice concrete block garden bench with little efforts. For making this seat, you need some good quality concrete blocks, you do not need special skills to learn how to combine the blocks for constructing a fully functional outdoor bench for garden, lawn and patio. The tutorial will walk you through the process. In order to make your bench seat attractive, you can add a futon mattress on the sitting area and some throw pillows.

DIY Cedar Wood Bench

DIY Hexagon Cedar Tree Bench.

We all know that wooden benches would be durable, they would last for ages if you choose the best quality wood material for the design. This DIY Cedar bench is constructed in a nice hexagonal shape by using Cedar tree. You do not need to go to extra length of finding and cutting a tree, you can buy cedar boards or pallets from the market.  This bench idea is the most enticing one, because you know

DIY Recycled Barstool Bench

French Bench from Repurposed Barstool Legs.

This creative French style, blue Four legged DIY outdoor bench is unique. It is constructed by recycling old barstool legs that were no longer good for use. You can do the same. This bench seat has a beautiful wooden top which is connecting it with the x-based legs. There are some stains and marks on the wood which are giving this bench a very vintage and shabby chic makeover.


DIY Repurposed Red Crate Bench

DIY Crate Bench.

I must say that this is the most easiest DIY bench  seat tutorial you would ever get to see online. You know that wooden crates are available easily on the market, and we may have a few too many lying in our garage or basement of home. You need to find crates of equal dimensions and heights. Now line them them in the right order by connecting them through the wooden. You can read and follow the full DIY crate bench guide in order to learn how this project can be done and what materials you would need.

Crates were painted in red, you may use a paint color of your choice. You can make a multi-colored base for the seat as well, it would be fun.


DIY Outdoor Wooden Bench Arbor

DIY Outdoor Bench with Arbor.

This DIY arbor bench is really unique with vintage, classy style look. The sides are constructed with lattice wooden boards, you may not need more than two. The top section of the bench seat is easy to make, you should learn more about this DIY bench plan, you might need some materials and tools for this project.


Wooden Cement Block Bench Seat

Cement Blocks And Wood Garden Bench.

Cement blocks are a common materials used in building structures and fireplace construction. They are easy to find on the market at a very affordable price. You need a wooden slab for making the seat over the aligned/stacked cement blocks. These blocks would be base of the Garden and Patio bench and wooden slab would be the seat.


DIY Pallet Garden Bench

DIY Wood Pallet Garden Bench.

Wooden Pallets are excellent choice for making outdoor furniture, chairs, seats, benches and free standing closets. You can construct an amazing  DIY pallet bench for garden by using some pallet.  The plan includes constructing a great curved bench seating around the stone fire pit. The seats are decorated with colorful cushions and pillows.

Repurposed Metal Headboard Bench DIY

DIY Bench From A Metal Headboard.

It is so easy to attach a metal headboard as a backseat with a wooden seat for making a really creative DIY metal bench seat for garden, patio and lawn. You can use wooden headboard as well, whatever it available at your disposable. This bench seat is built from the scratch and painted in white, you can paint both the back and seat in wood color or in any color that would go well with the interior of the garden.

DIY Wood Patio Bench

DIY Sturdy 2x4 Bench.

This DIY wood bench is conventional, you find this design almost in every other garden. It is constructed by using pieces of board, you can use board as well for making a flat bench seat with reclined back. The seat is painted in white, selecting any color would be your choice.


DIY Rustic Log Bench Plan

DIY Rustic Garden Bench With Logs And Reclaimed Wood.

This DIY log bench has a very rustic appeal because of its color. The shabby chic seating is making a perfect combo with beautiful nature of the garden. The seating is constructed with reclaimed wooden material, however, any type of thick wood would work well for this DIY project.

West Elm Wood Bench

West Elm Bench Knock off.

This seat has more of modern and contemporary touch. The black triangle legs are making this DIY garden bench very exquisite for outdoor decoration. The legs are black, they can be paired with white washed seat though, it is totally a personal choice. There is no back support on the bench, it is set against the wall and is decorated with white throw cushions.You may use colored cushions to add a little flair in your garden decor


DIY Vintage Stone Bench Plan

Rustic Stone Garden Bench.

Sometimes you do not need anything other than some stones for making a great DIY stone bench for outdoor garden, patio and lawn. This design is simple, the seating is Charcoal top, if you have an old kitchen countertop you no longer use, you can recycle is for making the seat.Stones are piled up for making supportive legs for granite seat slabs.


DIY Slate Bench Idea

DIY Wooden Slat Bench.

This  DIY Shabby Chic bench has a shabby chic vintage vibe, it can be decorated next to bamboo waterfall outdoor for creating a perfect theme of nature in the garden. The back rest and seats have very distressed texture yet this bench seat is very durable because reclaimed wooden slate is used for building the structure of this garden seat.


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