March 21, 2023

Creative Wall Art Ideas. Stunning Wall Murals Hand Painting Crafts for Interior Decorations

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Wall Art is all about personal ideas and maneuvering those ideas in form of wall painting and staining. You use acrylic, oil, resin or matte finished paint colors for converting your mind imagery into a real life artwork. Human mind is so complex, so creative and unique. Art and crafts you can do would never be done by another being on earth because it is your creation coming from your thoughts.

Oil painters use only oil painting for making seascapes, sunsets and sun rises. This is amazing how artwork of one does match that of another. Every individual is born with the ability to do painting and colors, it is just that you have to tap on your hidden talents through regular practice. Sometimes you do not need to practice painting or staining a canvas. You might have seen those viral videos where abstract wall art is done by pouring colors from buckets. Every time poured paints create a different abstract art.

Types of Wall Art

There are so many types of artworks done on doors, windows, accent walls, wooden deck boards and floors to blow your mind. I was going through Bohemian inspired painted wooden floor and I was shocking to see how intricate Mandala patterns and flower/floral stencils were. If you love doing wall art in your bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, you would never run short of creative craft ideas.

Art does not have to be very perfect; it has to be visually pleasant. Some designs may also exhibit some hidden messages, warnings, feelings, emotions, and love through their colors. For example, modern rooms are being designed with Fashion wall artwork which are more or less fashion illustrations. Art is available in various genres and niches according to your choosing. Here are some common types wall decors which are usually utilised for home decor and interior designing.

  1. Wall Murals
  2. 3D Decals for rooms and wooden
  3. Wall Painting
  4. Abstract artworks
  5. Self-Adhesive wall stickers
  6. Photographs, wooden/metal frames
  7. Hand painted stencils. (Flowers, mandalas, figurines, leaves)
  8. 3D clay sculptures paintings
  9. Metallic accents (silver, golden)
  10. Cultural inspired crafts such as Bohemian, Scandinavian, Arabic, Moroccon
  11.  Knitted hanging crafts
  12. Wall Rugs
  13. 3D Posters
  14. Creative Wall Posters

Pop Art

Creative wall painting ideas

source for fashion illustration

Scenery Mountain View Hill Station Paintings

wall painting ideas

Hand painted hill station over room dividing wall

Vintage Graffiti on Brick wall

creative wall painting ideas for living room

brick wall art

Abstract Wall Prints and Posters of Skylight Buildings

wall painting ideas living room

Color splash of Skylight wall decor

Geometrical shaped Flower Art

accent wall painting ideas

Floral wall mural

Wall Artworks In living room

wall painting ideas at home

Colorful wall paints

Poured Paint Colors over walls

wall painting design ideas

Pouring paint for creating dripping artworks on walls


Upside Down Tree with Pale Green Leaves

creative wall painting ideas for bedroom

Tree wall decoration idea

Hand Painted Flower Pots and Vases

stairs wall painting ideas

Staircase wall decorations

Palm Tree Wall Art

Creative wall painting ideas 1

Hand Painted tree murals

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